About Us

Zhejiang Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in year 1958, stock code: 603948. Zhejiang Jianye has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Jianye Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jianye Microelectronic Company. 

Zhejiang Jianye is located in Meicheng town, Jiande city, Zhejiang province. The plant is located in a provincial industrial park named Hangzhou Jiande Ma’nan Hi-tech industrial park, covers an area of about 333,000 square meters. Zhejiang Jianye has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 management system certification, and strictly follows them. 

Zhejiang Jianye has more than 600 staffs, professional and technical personnel account for 35%. Company’s main products are Low-carbon fatty amines, plasticizers, acetates, electronic chemicals etc. Zhejiang Jianye has about 20 years’ experience in importing and exporting business, customers are mainly in agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber industries, paint and dyes, surfactants and intermediates industries, etc.

Zhejiang Jianye always insists safety production and environment protection, and adheres to the policy of sustainable development.


Zhejiang Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd.
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